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TALESshop Visual Novel Release - Her World

Game Name: Her World

Developer: Talesshop Co., Ltd

Release Date: October 6th, 2022 (English October 30th)

Platforms: Steam

Languages: English, Korean

What is Her World?

This is a casual game with a rich, enjoyable story. We invite you to experience this chillingly sweet romance. In the twisted world on the other side of reality, there was no one but her.

Let the professional voice actresses bring this story to life as you play through the full length

of our visual novel.


On that fateful day I tried to escape this harsh reality, I fell into this strange world. I

began to explore my surroundings with the girl I met there, only to stumble upon others of the

female persuasion. And as I did, the secrets of this world came to light…

The protagonist, Sangjoon, is brought to a strangely battered world after getting

out of an emotionally abusive relationship. He meets a woman with few answers for him, but he can't just walk away from this mysterious beauty.

As he explores the world, he learns of two girls who also call this place home and must unravel the mysteries of the ruined world, all while trying to survive the creatures that lurk



• Main story is around 12-16 hours plus side stories that delve into the characters

• Fully voiced by professional Korean voice actresses and a protagonist with a strong


• Mini exploration/survival sections that integrate with the story. Unlockable skins for them.

• Around 24 special CG and unlockable art. Some are rather seductive, but no 18+ content


Hyeon-ah, Yuri, Woobi (from left to right)


An older woman you meet in this empty world.

She’s beautiful and good in a bind but seems to be hiding something.


A girl living in this empty world who is adamant about not leaving.

She’s hostile and rude, but she’s really quiet the pushover.


A girl you meet in the rain...



Korean indie company, creating visual novels with rich stories since 2016.

Contact: Inquiries | Twitter

1 Comment

Nov 08, 2022

As usual, the art is on point! ❤️

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