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New Game! Seasons 1-2 and OVA - Quick Thoughts

New Game! is a comedy drama by Doga Kobo that is based on a manga series. It features a young girl fresh out of high school, Aoba Suzukaze. She joins a computer game design company called Eagle Jump that has an all-female staff where she begins to gradually learn the ropes with her co-workers and supervisors.

In season 1, the staff at Eagle Jump work together to produce a Japanese roleplaying game set in a Western fantasy locale.

The OVA covers their time on vacation at a ski resort after the game has been launched.

Finally, they work on a new game involving cute furry bears a year later in season 2.

Season 1 trailer video on YouTube by Marion Delgado

Season 2 promo video trailer on YouTube by Anime Check

Season 1 is generally cute and funny with fanservice in nearly every episode until the last few episodes when they prepare for the launch of the game.

The OVA has some funny parts and the largest amount of fanservice to reward those who bought the entire first season.

Season 2 reduces the amount of jokes and fanservice to introduce three additional new characters to the story, and to tell more on the various challenges the staff at Eagle Jump face in working on a new game as they try to get along with one another as well as with the new faces in their team.

The jokes and ecchi fanservice can range from being funny, to predictable, and sometimes lacks any sense at all for their use making this a very light-hearted show.

Even the other elements of the show such as the interesting aspects in game design, marketing, and publishing really kept my interest. If you like comedy dramas with cute loli characters, New Game! is a light-hearted anime series worth watching.

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