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Been waiting for a couple of months to see the next story in Mirror 2!? Woosk from Sinical Network has completed the English translation of Caiyun's script in Story Mode! This time, players get to experience a story of love, friendship, and mysterious powers with two Match-3 heroine opponents, and a few surprises, all wrapped up in a beautiful Chinese fantasy setting.

How to access Caiyun:

If the 3rd chapter is not unlocked automatically, please go to the 1st or 2nd chapter, select Flow Chart, click on any node with cutscenes (preferably the last node), and skip to the end of that chapter. The 3rd chapter should be unlocked this way.

2022.6.23 UPDATE NOTES

Story Mode:

  • Added a new chapter - Caiyun to the game (Translated to English by Sinical Network)

Challenge Mode:

  • Added a new world - Artifact Spirit to the game.

  • Added 3 new minions, 10 elites, and 3 bosses.

  • Added voice acting to the enemies in the Artifact Spirit world.

  • Added portraits of the playable characters.

  • Added 10 new items.

  • Added 17 new events.

  • Added a new archive system.

  • Optimized the experience of switching to another level.

  • Optimized the nodes on all the maps.

  • Optimized how the tips are displayed.

  • Optimized the experience of easy mode and normal mode.

Home Mode:

  • Added new nodes on model's hands allowing you to edit gestures down to each finger.


  • Added a new function which allows you to upload and share assets to make mods to Steam Workshop.

  • Fixed some compatibility issues.


Mirror 2: Project X - available through Steam:

TITLE: Mirror 2: Project X




TRANSLATOR: Sinical Network

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01 ก.ค. 2565

2022.07.01 Update Note

Added support to Steam Cloud. [STORY MODE]

  1. Fixed the bug where the pictures and text in the Flow Chart won't show up properly in Leah's story.

  2. Fixed the bug where some scenes are flickering in Leah's story.

  3. Fixed the bug where some collectibles in Leah's story show up twice, you may need to re-acquire some collectibles.

  4. Optimized the logic of QTE events in Caiyun's story, now the QTE events are part of the story options.

  5. Added some tips for some parts of the story.

  6. Reduced the damage of the skill "Moonburst" in the fifth battle of Caiyun's story.

  7. Adjusted the initial items of Caiyun's story, now the "Enhancement Gauntlet" is replaced by "Healing Capsule".

  8. Optimized how the texts…

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