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My Klutzy Cupid - Review

We would like to thank the developers for providing us with a free copy for review


Tsumugu is just living an orderly life at his part-time job and schoolwork when starts to get the urge to finally get a girlfriend. Luckily for him, an angel named Lovmieil, who is an angel of love and wants to help Tsumugu get a girlfriend with the help of the Love Note. No, you can’t write names on it and the person falls in love, it’s not like the Death Note but it can help you see someone’s affection for you.

However, there is one caveat though, if Tsumugu does not find a girlfriend in 90 days, he will be permanently impotent for the rest of his life. With the help of this so-called angel, Tsumugu must pick a special someone for his bride-to-be and he does have a few options to choose from.

Pros and Cons


A decent romance comedy story

Seven different routes with their own endings

Beautiful art style that is very pretty to look at


Character development suffers a lot in this visual novel

Pacing issues with the story, everything happens too quickly

The price is a bit too high for the content provided


The story for My Klutzy Cupid is not bad, it has some enjoyable moments that I did in fact like. Being a romantic comedy, it will have humorous elements tied to it that make it shine and I did in fact like it for that. Now, the visual novel does not do anything special from the other ones from its genre, but it does have a likable and cute cast to go along with it.

There are moments where you can view other characters' perspectives on the story which was nice to see. These moments are a bit brief and there are only a few that I got from the route I took but I still liked it nonetheless.

There are a total of seven endings, but to get to a certain ending, you will have to make a few correct choices for that route. Some of the choices you make won’t matter in what order you do them but if you want to get that character ending, you will have to make some correct ones. The characters are all cute and enjoyable and have their very own personality to them that make the character stand out from the others.

I picked Inui Isuzu’s route, which is the childhood friend of Tsumugu, although I almost went with Saijou Rinka’s route I wanted to get creative. There is also an 18+ patch so you can get some extra enjoyment from the character you picked. However, it is mostly vanilla stuff, which is fine for a visual novel like this.

Now, while I did enjoy the story for the most part, My Klutzy Cupid does have two issues with its story that I did have. The first issue at hand is the fact that the character development suffers for everyone, the character you choose for the route you have picked does get a slight pass for this but not by much. I mean don’t get me wrong, the characters are enjoyable, and like I said before the visual novel has a cute cast to go by. Although it’s just a bit difficult to get a feeling for anyone when they don’t really develop.

Then there is the pacing, which is the worst aspect in this visual novel by a long shot, it’s really bad and everything just happens too quickly. There also is not a lot of build-ups to anything major and the plot twists are also poorly done. I will put an example of the dating scene for the girl you have chosen, as this is the best example for this. There is no build-up between the scenes, it just cuts straight to it, and for a romance novel, that’s not good. I have played my fair share of them and there is always some sort of build-up between them all. But not in My Klutzy Cupid, which is quite sad.

I also wanted to avoid this, but I do in fact have an issue with the choice system it has in place as well. The only thing you must do to get the girl you want is to choose that character only. Except in this one scene but that’s not until a later part of the story. I find this style of route choosing to be very poorly executed and could have been done better by putting more thought into it.

Graphics and Performance

The art style for My Klutzy Cupid is very beautifully done, the areas and scenes are nicely drawn, and I really love how they look. I tested the game on an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 3GB, AMD Ryzen 5 1500X Quad-Core Processor 3.50, 16 GB of RAM, I experienced no issues while playing.

Final Verdict

Now, despite the major issues I had, I do think My Klutzy Cupid is an okay visual novel to pick up, although I would wait for a sale. One route me took me around four hours to complete, and even if you completed them all, it would only add up to around 12-14 hours total, with possibly a little extra if you installed the patch. Even then, $38.99 CDN is a lot of money for this kind of visual novel.

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