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My Gamescom 2022 Adventure

Hello! I will be sharing with you the excellent time I had at the Gamescom event which took place in Cologne, Germany. I was present there from 25th to 27th August.

For anyone who does not know what Gamescom is, here is a brief explanation:

Gamescom is the biggest known gaming event in the world, in which hundreds of publishers, developers, and companies present their games, most of the time still in closed alpha/beta but sometimes already finished games, and let you have a chance to play them. All kinds of games are made available here, but to further entertain the crowd of expectant gamers, events are being held on many stands. Some brands and publishers here often throw goods to the watching crowd, or some lucky guys can come on the podium and grab some big rewards. It can go from Shirts and goodies over actual game keys and up to highly prized goods like keyboards, headsets, and so on.

Other events are being held in a specially prepared Congress Hall, where you can also watch players challenge each other or big YouTubers, influencers, and other known personalities.

You can explore more about Gamescom by clicking here

First Day at Gamescom:

The east entry gate at opening time (9 AM)!

I used my first day to naturally rush to the merchandise area first thing in the morning. For some, it might be kind of wrong, but the merch area is also very quickly sold out of many items, despite this being the first morning! I was very surprised at which rate some goods were gone.

First, I went to the Genshin Impact stand because I was interested in what they had to offer. At 10 o' clock I already had to wait roughly an hour before I could finally buy something!

Here are some photos I took from the stand (plus the waiting line to grab some Genshin merch):

Here we have a stand that is likely present every year at Gamescom, which offers amazing merchandise in terms of figurines. But in comparison I could recognize that this one seller did sell his figurines at a higher price than what you can find in online stores and did not buy any from him. I do have high respect for his marvelous collection though!

In the end, I found a few other stands with figurines and one which sold many lucky bags at different prices. I did take two big lucky bags that gave a guarantee of 1 high-value figurine and a total of four figurines, one Re-Zero bag, and one Isekai bag.

In addition to these beautiful figurine stands, there were a sizable number of stalls with all kinds of goodies. From clothing to Dakimakuras, from badges to big plushies, from Kimonos to lovely cat ears.

Second Day at Gamescom

On the second day, I used to scout out the different halls and which games there were to be tried out. I did have a hard time getting through the avenue because not only was it horribly crowded, but the security also kept changing the hallways, making them one way only and so I did lose my orientation quite a few times not knowing where to go. It was really exhausting!

In the end, I did try out Company of Heroes 3, a game franchise developed by relic and published by SEGA which I am really looking forward to, with a new way of playing Real Time Strategy games.

I am positive that this game will be a title that I will actively play, I really liked the new features they added - enhanced combat strategy, a dimensional campaign map asking for further enhanced and double-edged strategy, and improved graphics quality and effects.

The thing that I find really appreciable is that for this title the developer team let the fans actively take part in the game development, thanks to limited event where you could play through showcase content and give opinions, report bugs, make suggestions, etc...

Right after I was done with my Company of Heroes 3 experience, I grouped up with a friend I met in the game "Isekai Demon Waifu" for the first time. I enjoyed the time with him, and we did a quick walk through the entertainment halls to see what was there to see, but he wasn't ready to queue and try out for a game. We also went through the merchandise area again together.

After this I went to the Genshin Impact stand. I played through the new update which brought a big new area with new characters, new enemies, and a new type of element.

Aside from the playable area, a band named "Starrysky" performed a live concert. The band took the current Genshin Impact theme songs and sang them in their own version which I personally found very nice.