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Monster Girl Club Bifrost - Review

Monstergirl Club Bifrost is a visual novel simulation game developed by Midnight Pleasure and published by Remtairy.

We wake up in an empty restaurant and at our side is a monster girl, calling herself a soul reaper. Asking where we are and what happened doesn't get many answers, only being told that we lost a bet the previous night and now need to repay this soul reaper or she will bring wrath upon us.

With this, we end up being introduced to life as a monster club manager. Our goal is to "buy" monster girls from a slave/monster market and train them to be able to please your clients in the best possible way. This is time-restricted, meaning that we have to achieve specific goals before a timer runs out or the mission is failed which results in a game over.

The game is censored on Steam and this version completely changes what is presented to you. The censored version provides a restaurant-like feeling, while the uncensored version is rather heavily equipped with lewdness and sexual content, in other terms a hentai game to the core.


The story and gameplay takes place in a city named Bifrost, which has become famous for their monster girls slaves. This takes place during a fictitious era where slavery is in its prime between the different species living throughout the world. The developer went with an artstyle that fits the appearance of an older city from the Renaissance period.


Milia is the main character who is a self-proclaimed Soul Reaper, and also our boss of the monster girl club. She is rather clumsy as a whole, but a person that is very likable.

The Slave seller is a very muscular and strong-looking guy but gives off a friendly supportive side which is very appreciable.

The item vendor, a very suspicious-looking man always in a purple cape with a freaky grin on his face. This is the type of man you assume would manipulate everyone with shady items and wrongdoing. Not a very likable character for sure.

Noir, the cat accompanying Milia, can talk and helps her to get around her objectives. He also seems to be ordered by someone behind the scenes to watch over Milia.

In addition, there are a bunch of different monster girls, ranging from fantasy creatures such as mermaids, dragons, and elves, to spiritual creatures such as Youkai. We have a good variety of girls, each with their own unique personalities bringing their own touch to the game.


The visuals are done to mimic the appearance of an older RPG game. I'm not sure that I with agree with this approach, but the art used for the girls and backgrounds are good allowing me to look over this design decision.

The developer offers a variety of character sprites, but they only have one clothing design, with the exception of their endings which include a CG showing the girls in different or upgraded clothing. The character sprites are also static and lack any movement that modern novels include. There are a few different poses that help portray the character's emotions though such as when they grin, laugh, or are surprised.

The game is playable in a smaller windowed screen or fullscreen mode with a black border on both sides. The art and text look crisp regardless of what size you play the game in.

During the game, we are accompanied with a light music score that changes appropriately for each scene. The type of instruments used in the songs change adding some spice to an otherwise basic soundtrack. You will not have a desire for an OST DLC, but it does serve its function well enough.

Unfortunately none of the characters are voiced, which is always a disapointment.


There are quite a few different routes to unlock. This requires playing through the game several times to unlock all the endings for each monster girl. We have a good and bad ending for Milia, a regular ending for the other monster girls, and also a special harem ending.

Each ending includes a short CG scene focusing around the specific monster girl whose route you have completed. However, these are pretty short so I was left wanting more in this area.

Overall Thoughts

Monstergirl club Bifrost is a very interesting simulation game that puts us in the drivers seat of using monster girls slaves to make a profit. I really enjoyed the variety of monster girls available that you can complete routes for. Each girl has a unique personality and were interesting enough to want to play the game multiple times to see their endings.

The lack of voice acting and shorter CG scenes were a little disappointing and if your resource management is not on point, it is game over. The difficulty isn't overly hard, but you do have to pay attention or mistakes will cause you to start from the beginning.

The differences between the censored and uncensored version really took me by surprise. There is a drastic change in obviously what is included in the game, but also how different the game is structured and setup. The uncensored version ramps up the lewdness all around, not just in the additional CG scenes.

Regardless of which version you play, I enjoyed my time with Monstergirl Club Bifrost and recommend it to others who are also interested in this genre to give it a try.

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Uncensored Patch downloadable on the Remtairy website

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