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Love Flute - English Release Now Available!

Developer: Talesshop Co., Ltd

Release Date: November 26, 2021

Links: Website / Trailer

Platforms: Steam / Google Play (Korean only) / Apple Appstore (Korean only)

Languages: English, Korean

What is Love Flute

This is a casual game with a rich, enjoyable story.

Increase your band's profits by investing in new instruments, new furniture, and creating new musical pieces. Let the professional voice actresses bring this story to life as you play through the full length of our visual novel.


I was just an amateur pianist trying to make it big as a busker on a college campus.

But one day, the "ghastly maiden of the campus" came to find me, accompanied by the mysterious

sound of her flute.

The ghostly maiden says that she needs to perform with me in order to fulfill her mysterious "Han," but what does that mean...?


1) Make our unknown street performer into a star!

2) Use the money you make busking to buy new instruments and deck out your room with new


3) Enjoy the touching story as you find out more about our lovely ghost friend!

4) Listen as the professional voice actresses bring our heroines to life!

About Talesshop

We are a Korean company creating visual novels with rich stories since 2016.



Twitter: @talesshop


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