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Genshin Impact - Did you say Manga...

Genshin Impact is undeniably working hard to prove its worth by showing up on the front page of your Twitch feeds, website ads, featured articles, and of course a being the subject matter for a barrage of YouTube videos and ultimately amassing over 10 million pre-registrations. Regardless of if you love the game from first look, or have reservations about checking it out, the art design seems to get it right when it comes to the Anime inspired character designs and gorgeous environments that most seem to agree on.

In addition to all the above mentioned ways to see Genshin Impact related content outside of playing the game itself, they also have their own Full Color Web Manga! Although I am familiar with seeing colored Mangas or Manhwas at this point, seeing characters that I recognize from the game brings an additional excitement to checking out their Manga series. I recommend that you check it out if you have not already, or for those times when your gathering button is getting tired. :D


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