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fault - milestone two side:above - Review

Fault Milestone, Two Side Above is the second kinetic visual novel game from ALICE IN DISSONANCE, and is also the sequel of the first Fault title.


In the last story we had Princess Selphine and her guardian Ritona who had to run away after an attack on their palace. In a failed attempt to flee, they found themselves in the Outer Pole, a small country on the other side of the world which had no available Mana current flowing.

While attempting to adapt to their current situation and reorganize their way back, they encountered Rune, who sheltered many mysteries behind her persona, but after some investigation, the full truth was discovered and they added Rune into there party to go back to their home country.


The plot continues with Selphine, Ritona and Rune in search of ways to return to their original homeland. There are new locations, villains, and secrets to uncover as they traverse through Viscanta. To avoid spoilers, I'll keep the plot summary short, but I can say that it does a good job setting up for the third game in this series which is slated to release soon.

Be sure to read my review of Fault: Milestone one if you have not already


The world of fault continues with the same artstyle and medieval appeal from the first title with the city and environment being well presented with very beautiful CG's. The characters are the same as the first title as well, adopting different facial expressions with this sequel, but we are not getting any additional movements to their character sprites.

We can play both in Full screen mode or window mode per choice in the game's settings. I played in full screen mode at 1920x1080 and had no stretching or distortions to the art/text.


This visual novel does not have voiced characters which is disappointing, but instead features a number of great instrumental background musical tracks, adapting to each scene which can also be listened to in the game's menu/gallery. There is also ambient sounds such as the chirping of birds, splashing beach waves, and typical urban noises of a city throughout the scenes.

Minor Cons

Periodically while reading through the novel I was faced with a loading image error, which sometimes caused the game to close. This could be a bit bothersome if you forget to save on regular occasion, but this is a minor bug and can easily be overlooked by simply making a habit to save after key moments in the novel.

Overall thoughts

My impressions for this second title of Fault are amazing! The story continues with its very fascinating world build up and system. There is a very interesting new country to discover, intriguing characters, and new trials to pass. We end up discovering a lot of emotional moments, sad truths, and corruption throughout the story which will have you experience sadness and pity for some of the characters. Although I do wish that they had included voiced characters, Fault Milestone, Two Side Above is still a must read for any adventure/action/fantasy fan.

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