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Elise the Devil is prolific Japanese adult game developer Dieselmine's sixth release in Steam and the third title that has been localized and published by SakuraGame (later renamed to Paradise Project). The story focused on an archdevil Iblis. A party of heroes led by Sean fought against Iblis to restore peace to the entire world. Iblis was left for dead, but the archdevil returned as a cute young girl, renamed herself Elise and embarked on a quest to become stronger and exact revenge on the humans for turning her into a weak young girl who was a pale shadow of her former self.


Since the game has numerous translation errors in the English version, I will not be detailing much about the story until it is improved. The story is understandable for the most part, but the English translation will need a major rework to bring out the character development and essentially make the story better. They will need to correct several elements such as to give proper names to some of the monsters which currently make no sense (eg. tarantula is named as talentum), and to address faulty item names and descriptions that reduce the overall quality of this JRPG. Stay tuned for more updates on this.


This game has the typical JRPG fare using RPG Maker assets. You control your party in an 8-bit map and travel around in an open world map where new areas and tougher monsters are unlocked as your character levels up and acquires better weapons and equipment. There is some amount of grinding, but nothing overly tedious as it is possible for Elise to reach the maximum level of 99 in about 10 hours or so, and there is a special item that will completely remove all random encounters later on in the game.

There is also an additional mechanic in the exploit and lewdness level where the player will have to partake in numerous adult events to fully unlock all the adult content. I didn't explore this aspect as I was going for a full virgin playthrough until the good ending with Sean, although players have reported this part is quite grindy. Luckily, fans of the game have provided an uncensored patch with a save file including all H-events, CGs, and 18+ voice acting unlocked for players to enjoy.


The artwork is a major highlight of this game which prompted me to write this review, given that the publisher has been removing a number of their adult games from Steam with very little notice. The protagonist has impressive character sprite artwork with a variety of facial expressions and clothing to bring out the adult content and lewdness. Even if the player chooses to avoid all the H scenes and keep the game censored, the artwork alone is worth more than the price of the game in Steam.


Most of the background music is used from the RPG Maker software collection that I have heard before from other RPG Maker games. Nevertheless, the BGM are well-chosen as they highlight the difference when Elise goes over to a Japanese kingdom in the East from a medieval Western kingdom, and they help to bring out the best moments in the game such as after Elise wins a particularly difficult boss battle. It is quite a shame that what is done right in this area is let down by an awkward translation and the voice acting is only limited to the H-scenes.

Overall thoughts

Elise the Devil is a great bargain for an adult JRPG that is sold at a fraction of the price in Steam compared to the original Japanese version. It offers a little over 10 hours of gameplay without being excessively grindy, and it has cute and attractive artwork, Steam profile backgrounds and emoticons.

Sadly, the English version was let down by an undesirable translation and poor quality control that makes it hard for players to enjoy what is being offered. Some of the game's fans have posted workarounds to mod the font, along with JavaScript plugins in the game forums and published Steam community guides to address the issue of obscured item descriptions which does help to resolve a few of the issues.

If you are able to look past the shortcomings of the translation and UI issues, then I can recommend Elise the Devil as the artwork alone for this doujin RPG Maker provides enough value for the price being asked in Steam. If you are on the fence about picking up this title, it may be worth grabbing now as it may potentially be removed in Steam in the future based on previous trends.

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