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DEAD OR ALIVE Xtreme Venus Vacation - Blog Update

Dear Mr. Lee,

How are you doing? It has been 5 years since you entrusted me to run the resort in Venus Island and organize the Venus beach volleyball festival tournaments. During this time, I have had the pleasure of inviting more than 20 girls to take part in the weekly events, design a wide variety of cute and sexy swimwear to attract interest in the tournaments, and earn attractive accessories for the girls from the guys in your team without breaking my wallet.

How time flies. When I first took up on your job offer back then, I had wanted to find a community of friendly and helpful people in this line of work and see if it is really possible to invite as many girls to take part in the tournaments without spending a cent. After spending more than 2060 hours, I am happy to report that the Venus contestant, Hitomi, has shown considerable progress, and she has shared the last chapter in her story. I should add though, that I am quite surprised that despite running the resort for more than 5 years, there is not a single passerby in the entire island, nor any spectators at the Venus tournaments. The same goes for Monica's casino, Koharu's hot spring, and Shandy's poolside bar. How do you keep this business running and stay profitable?

Girls invited to participate in the tournament, and the corresponding levels of the top 12 girls

Here are some of the highlights over the course of my work at this island:

Breast of All! ShinoVenus Master Festival

2021.01.13 and 2021.01.20

One of the earliest collaboration events with plenty of sexy swimwear that tear easily, and bromides featuring girls in sexy swimwear from ninja academies. I still use many of the bromides to this day.

My Name Is ~Follow The Light~


My Name Is ~Follow The Light~ cutscene on YouTube by DOAXVV Museum

An interesting event in which Honoka and Luna seemed to think there were aliens in this island. I played along with them by designing special alien outfits and headgear for them. One night, they claimed they went searching for aliens with me even though I was working in my office all night with my assistant, Misaki. Could it be that they actually encountered an alien after all?

Casino Activity added


Monica finally got the casino up and running. Gambling and keeping up a poker face has never been my forte, and I have lost all my silver chips on many occasions. Luckily, Monica has always given me some silver chips to play in her gambling tables whenever I run out of them, and I liked the prizes at the gold chip exchange enough to play at her casino until I have redeemed all the prizes I wanted every month.

Diplomacy and Strategy Expansion Pack Bundle~ Collaboration

Venus Fatale ~RTK 14: 2021.12.09

The only collaboration event that features beautiful artwork bromides of historical characters in ancient China. The gacha probability of getting a swimwear is too low for me to obtain more than one, and I would like to see some of the major characters in the story to be included in other bromide sets in future.

Butt Battle added


This new addition increases the usefulness in the appeal class of swimwear and appeal passive skills, giving me the additional motivation to spend some awakening crystals to fully awaken and allow malfunction of this type of swimwear. Although as in all multiplayer matches, there is no hope in winning other hotel owners with more money to spend, the prizes for being in top 5000 and seeing girls in sexy swimwear make this event very appealing, indeed.

Some of the deco-bromides from collaboration events for the cheering board

Alice Gear Aegis Collaboration (JP only)


This mecha-themed collaboration event is in Japanese only, although the futuristic sci-fi themes and bromide artwork make this event a memorable one that I feel it deserves a mention even though it is not available in the English version. I hope the English version can have this collaboration event at some point in future.

Atelier Ryza Collaboration


This is the second Atelier Ryza collaboration event. There are a variety of cute and sexy artwork bromides, and some cute and funny moments with special fantasy theme music. It is also from a repeat of the bromide gacha that I earned my first SSR+ bromide to enable Hitomi and many of the girls to win matches more easily and unlock their stories.

Koharu's Hot Spring


This new addition allows 4 girls to gain experience points without having to login every day to restart on their training. Furthermore, they can continue to gain experience points by spending time in the hot springs and participate in Venus matches at the same time. This is certainly a nice and helpful change from the previous training regimen.

All in all, I enjoyed my time at Venus island to make every event a success even though I am not able to obtain every outfit, accessory or story because of the huge costs. Even now, I have not been able to obtain more than one EX✩1 oil without spending any money. On the other hand, I have invited every girl to be a Venus contestant after free swimwear became available to them, and most of them have at least one SSR accessory to match a commissioned artist's chibi impression of them. This is one waifu sim where it is possible to train at least one girl to a level high enough to unlock her last story without spending a cent, and I look forward to seeing a new and different event each week.

Yours sincerely,

The Little Boss of Venus Island

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