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Alfie's Recommendations: 1bitHeart

Why should you play 1bitHeart?


The story starts slow at first, but then gets exciting and makes you excited to see what comes next. It makes you wonder "What will happen? - Why did it happen?" This really motivates you to move forward with the story and solve the mystery. It also has multiple endings which is a definite plus!


The characters in 1bitHeart are made with love and it's obvious the developer had a liking of western culture. The character development is well made and you will surely fall in love with a few them. Maybe you even see a reflection of yourself in some of them!


The artstyle is cute, beautiful, and nice on the eyes. I didn't expect anything else from Miwishiba who also worked on a lot of Vocaloid Music Videos.


The music used for the character themes are amazing for me, simply cause they fit perfectly with the personality of the character for which the theme is for. The music used while travelling isn't that bad either and fits the respective town-part's mood.


What is 1bitHeart?

1bitHeart is a friend-making adventure RPG maker game made by △○□× in WOLF RPG Editor.

The main focus on this story-oriented game is to make friends in town by talking and gifting presents to them.

The Story of 1bitHeart

Nanashi is a young, reclusive boy in a high-tech world governed by programs.

One day, a girl suddenly appears in his room, and proposes that Nanashi should go out and make some friends.

He decides to give it a try, but just as he does, odd things start to happen around town...

The Gameplay Elements of 1bitHeart

Detective Part (Story Mode)

Gather information and topics by exploring the town and speaking with people to progress through the story.

Conversation Part (Story Mode)

Use the topics and info you’ve gathered to piece together conversations while progressing through the story. (Game over when your HP reaches 0.)

Free Mode (After Each Chapter End)

Talk and mingle with the residents of the town, make friends, and play mini games in Free Mode.


Supported Platforms

The game's engine is made for Windows only.

The game is available on Steam and Playism for $3.00.

Alfie's Last Words

I personally really love the Game and recommend checking it out.

It's cute, beautiful, and made with love! Every character is loveable & unique!

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