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Analistica Academy - Review

Analistica Academy by Epic Works and Top Hat Studios Inc is a harem romantic comedy visual novel with some supernatural elements and optional adult content as a nukige. It features a male protagonist Hora Machia, who attends the Analistica Academy school with three female classmates Clarisse, Moira Rannel, and Tony under his teacher and mother Mrs. Machia.

Hora is one of the last few males in existence in his nation of Ragonia. As Hora attends school, he enters into a relationship with Clarisse, Moira, Tony, and Mrs. Machia forming a harem. However, a powerful force is staging a rebellion at the same time and threatening to destroy everything he has.

As a nukige, most of the game's CGs are adult CGs, with a simple toggle censoring option in-game to skip all adult scenes in the game. This is all included with your purchase and doesn't require an uncensored patch. The character sprites are charming and add to the humour. The background music is also decent and appropriate including a variety of pleasant and exciting tracks to fit the regular daily life scenes as well as the action scenes later in the game.

There are a few cons to mention. To start off, there are not that many non-adult CGs for those who prefer to skip the adult scenes. Out of the 19 CGs that are advertised in the game's store page description, only 3 CGs are non-adult which considerably reduces the number of screenshots players can upload in Steam. Surprisingly, the game doesn't have a CG gallery for players to see the CGs again once they finish the game nor does it include Steam achievements or trading cards. Lastly there are some minor spelling and grammatical errors throughout the novel despite being an original English novel.

It will take approximately five hours to complete this visual novel which covers the usual daily school life setting, sexual encounters, and comedy throughout. Although the premise of being one of the last few men in existence after a deadly lab accident is interesting, the story isn't really fleshed out in this post apocalyptic aspect. The pace is rather slow and uneventful until the later end of the game where the science fiction and supernatural aspects as well as a few plot twists come in. As a result, it is only right at the very end of the novel where the BGM and scene plays out well enough to save this visual novel from being another forgettable harem romcom.

Overall, I have mixed feelings about Analistica Academy. Although it has decent artwork sprites and CGs, it doesn't have a CG gallery, Steam achievements, or trading cards to highlight the artwork in this nukige. In terms of plot, it has its share of funny moments and does bring in some science fiction and supernatural elements, although neither aspect is really brought out well. Still, the gameplay time is more or less proportional to the price of the game at $5 or less after discount, and I feel that a decent effort was put into this nukige.

Initial gameplay video with author narration and commentary on YouTube by Lumberjack Gaming

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