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Ne no Kami - The Two Princess Knights of Kyoto Part 2 - Review

Ne no Kami: The Two Princess Knights of Kyoto Part 2 continues after the cliffhanger ending in part 1 of Ne no Kami. As the ayakashi (monster) invasion draws closer and becomes increasingly victorious, Ese Len and Sarume Shinonome learn that the enemy they are facing may not be the ayakashi.

As a direct sequel to part 1, part 2 uses the same background scenes and character sprites. The game retains a glossary and highlighted keywords to help readers follow the storyline, and the OP Waltz of the Princess Knight is still my favourite theme song of the series.

Plot-wise, part 2 makes up for the disappointment in the cliffhanger ending in part 1 by providing a better ending in-game, and in the extra stories DLC. The story also delivers on the hints left behind in part 1 by revealing a number of plot twists and shedding more light on Ese and Sarume's past. The game only has one choice this time around and it only affects one adult yuri scene in the game.

In terms of artwork, it has a few improved visuals by featuring vibrant battle sequences, a set of SD CGs, and an equal number of attractive artwork pieces to keep the reader's interest. The insert song and the ending theme song does very well to bring out a particularly difficult moment for the protagonist and the ending respectively well.

One major issue I have with this game is the incompatibility of the adult uncensored patch at Denpasoft with the Steam version. If the Denpasoft adult DLC is manually copied over to the Steam version, not only will the visual novel freeze to play the OP at the intro rather than switch to play the actual OP, but the ED which contains some voiced dialogue and translated subtitles to establish the link between the ending and the post-ending stories in the extra stories DLC and artbook DLC in part 1 will show a black screen as well. This patch works fine in the GOG version.

Initial gameplay video with author narration and commentary on YouTube by KevGuueyAnime

Opening theme at 3:39

Vibrant battle sequences at 13:03 and 19:00

Insert song Radiant Moonlight at 17:42

Although both the OP and ED can be viewed anytime in the game folder, it is even more annoying considering that this is the second part of the series that was released almost a year later, and the Steam version seems even more like a defective game and the developer and/or publisher doesn't care to address this issue after censoring it.

In spite of a major fault with the censorship in this game, the thriller segments and the heroines' backgrounds gradually being revealed make up for the faults in this game. Len's development from a schoolgirl coming to terms with her status as a princess knight without knowing who are her parents, her affection for her lover and close friends, and eventually coming to terms with herself as a supernatural being kept this story exciting as a thriller, making this title the best of the series. Hence, I can recommend this game with the extra stories DLC, and hope to see part 3 of this series being released at some point in future without any form of censorship, if possible.

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