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Sakura MMO 3 - Review

Sakura MMO 3 is the third instalment and concluding title of the Sakura MMO series by Winged Cloud. In this fantasy visual novel with fanservice and adult content, the story continues with Kotone as the dark witch Viola in the world of Asaph. Viola has her darkling maid Neve, a thief Fion, and a knight Eleri who are part of her harem of cute girls she took in to stay with her at her castle and fellow adventurers. They embark on a quest to seek out the fallen goddess Iona who threatens to destroy all of Asaph.

This title of the Sakura MMO series continues to feature romance options with Neve, Fion and Eleri, yuri fan service, and has a total of 5 different endings this time. The game uses the same background music by Zack Parrish and artwork style by Inma and Fatelinealpha in the game cover, backgrounds, character sprites, CGs, Steam achievement icons, emoticons and profile backgrounds. An uncensored patch for the game which will add additional H CGs, text, and dialogue to the game can be downloaded from the developer's Patreon page.

Having played the earlier titles of the Sakura MMO series, Sakura MMO 3 has the most number of H CGs and rewarding extra scenes making them a main highlight of the game. Hence, it is recommended to download and install the uncensored patch for adult players who intend to play this game as an eroge with adult yuri content. In addition, this game retains the enjoyable comedic moments as a parody on weaboo culture with words like fufufu and kyaaa while having a Western fantasy setting and musical accompaniment, although it has a few typo errors here and there.

Again, the price of this visual novel is a bit high even at a 25% discount on Steam store. It only takes around a couple of hours to read through the visual novel, get all endings, and unlock all CGs and achievements. Since this game doesn't have voice acting, the game could deliver more value by expanding on Viola's exploits as her adventuring party seek Iona and encounter a character from Winged Cloud's earlier game Sakura Dungeon. Of course, more romance options and bad endings could be added to combat the lack of voice acting.

In spite of the shortcomings with the game, Sakura MMO 3 brings a satisfying conclusion to the series by delivering on the harem ending as my favourite ending at last for yuri fans and those who asked for such an ending in the game series's discussion forums and reviews (including myself in an earlier review), yaay! Viola deserves her harem of cute girls as the legendary dark witch who is also caring and protective. ^^v

Overall, I find the price of this visual novel to be a bit high due to the short length of the game. At the same time, the great artwork and background music in this game, along with a few laughs in the story with nice happy endings allow me to look past the price. I hope Winged Cloud and the scriptwriter will continue to produce more entertaining fantasy-themed visual novels or role-playing games with beautiful artwork and music. I never grow tired of these.

For those who are prepared to wait, I recommend to do so until the entire Sakura MMO series has been released in an attractive bundle offer or all titles are discounted to around a couple of dollars each to be proportional to the playtime of each title.

Initial gameplay video with author narration and commentary on YouTube by PolishLynx

Nutaku game page (Contain NSFW content)

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