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The Ditzy Demons Are in Love With Me - Review

This visual novel is an adult nukige that contains NSFW dialogue even without the 18+ DLC.

The Ditzy Demons Are in Love With Me by SMILE and Sekai Project, features a male student named Ren Fujima who finds himself transferred to a seaside resort called "Broken Kids dorm" at Aoyama Academy.

It turns out the people he knows are demons from another dimension: Emiri an angel, Riria a succubi, Arle a mummy, Yuu a snow maiden, and Miyabi a witch.

Under Reika's instructions, Ren has to help all five of these girls to overcome their ditzy behavior and get rehabilitated by learning to be more responsible as adults with Aifa's supervision, the teacher overseeing their dorm.

This is a collaboration review between woosk and Gray Lowe. After we tried out the game for ourselves, we decided to give this visual novel a score of 9/10 based on the following factors:


Plot and character backgrounds

The beginning of the novel, even before getting to choose a route will take approximately 10 hours to get through. When the player gets to choose which girl to go for, the route for each one of them will take around 3-8 hours each.

After completing any one of the girl's routes, three additional short routes with Reika, Rin, and Aifa will be available, each providing about an hour's worth of content.

Sure there's a long span of hours in order to complete the beginning and one of the routes, but all of them are very entertaining for the player to go through as the girls have their own unique quirks that make them special in humorous ways.

Adding to the above, their personalities pertain to their fetishes such as with Emiri really loving her brother. We won't go into detail for rest of the girls' fetishes as that's for the player to find out.

The English text is well-written and translated with very few errors. As a romantic comedy, this visual novel has some funny moments and surprises from time to time such as a cooking competition, multiplying rodents, and the dorm's pets.

All of the character backgrounds are sufficiently diverse where besides each character being a different kind of demon, they all have their own story to share as well as having their problems and life; more than just the quirks they have from the outside.

However, be aware that not only are there long spans of sex scenes if the player decides to purchase the 18+ patch, but there are also multiple sequences of these for each girl. If you are fine with taking the time to go through them, then the 18+ patch is for you.

Artwork, backgrounds and CGs The same artist who made the characters in Nekopara and Tropical Liquor, Sayori, once again pulls off the aesthetics of the characters; giving them her trademark style of art and making them stunningly attractive.

In this visual novel, there are plenty of CGs, SD CGs, and H CGs (with 18+ DLC) with a very large variety of character facial expressions and poses, and cute emojis to bring out the humor.

The background scenes show sufficient variety with outdoor scenes having morning, afternoon, and night scenes. There are even cute dancing SD sprites of each main heroine in the game's music gallery.

Once you complete each route, you are rewarded with a new title screen for the game; making the player feel accomplished for completing whichever routes he/she takes on. What's handy is that the player is able to freely change among the title screens correlated to the characters or switch back to the default.

All in all, the game appears very bright and cheery with the excellent color palette while giving the more serious scenes a proper tone of coloring.

Voice acting and background music

While the game takes a lot of hours to complete, the voice acting truly motivates the player to be involved as each voice actress and actor (especially for the pets) has their unique spin to portray their characters.

When the player finishes a route, he/she will unlock the voice actress interview for the character's route they chose. However, all of the interviews are completely in Japanese without subtitles. But even if the player doesn't speak Japanese, it can still be nice to hear how different their actual voices sound compared to who they portray as.

There is a variety of background songs the game plays; being a great way to transition from one scenario to the next efficiently to depict the kind of mood a conversation leads.

This especially helps the player to be brought into a funny scene that occurs or to truly pay attention to the serious matters the girls are under.

Unlike the background music, the songs played in the opening and ending credits of each route provide vocals as well as being upbeat to compliment the cute yet ecchi game Ditzy Demons is.

And if the player decides to buy the soundtrack, they'll have to buy the 18+ patch to go along with it; being a downside from what's offered on the steam page. But if he/she is planning on buying the 18+ patch, then the soundtrack can be a complimentary thing to have.

Overall impressions

WOOSK: After spending more than 25 hours to play through the game, The Ditzy Demons Are in Love With Me is partly a romantic comedy with fantasy, and partly a nukige by having a greater proportion of the game having adult NSFW scenes which tend to eschew storyline and dialogue for hentai and fap material.

The Ditzy Demons Are in Love With Me has outstanding production quality in the voice acting, artwork, theme songs with vocals and translation, and there are enough cute and funny moments in the non-adult parts of the game that I can recommend the base game at the full asking price.

However, the adult scenes feel tacked on with the heroine getting into sexual encounters with the protagonist one after another in every girl's route. Some of these scenes feel pointlessly long and repetitive where I ended up skipping some of the text and voiced dialogue. I would still give them credit for having a large amount of CGs with outstanding artwork.

It is also a nice touch having a panic button that immediately changes the screen to something funny and unrelated to the game when a family member comes along.

Personally, I am glad I finished this game and like most of the characters enough which are funny, quirky and air-headed.

GRAYLOWE: This was the first time that I ever played a nukige, and I gotta say, it sure can be a lot to take in at first, but when you continue playing you get used to humor and CGs that have higher amount of lewd than any other average visual novel.

The price was certainly worth paying if buying it during a sale as it can keep the player busy with the amount of hours stored within the game.

I love how Sayori pulled off her designs in NEKOPARA and Tropical Liquor as they made the characters aesthetically pleasing, and she made the characters in this game as much of a variety as the colors of a rainbow.

What's really nice is that I was able to download images you get from the game after completing each route; perfect for having a brand new wallpaper and to look back on what route you accomplished going through!


Be sure to buy the game at its Steam Page containing the optional 18+ patch!

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