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The members of the Neko Rescue Squad return in this fifth title of the DEEP SPACE WAIFU series. They consist of King Bear, FoXXXy, Leisure Lion, and Ugly Joe as they come to planet Earth to deal with 12 anime girls across 11 levels in this casual arcade vertical-scrolling bullet-hell shooter.

DEEP SPACE WAIFU: WORLD closely follows the same gameplay and graphics as with its earlier titles as a standalone adventure. The short casual schmup gameplay, pleasant vaporwave background music by Funny Death, light tongue-in-cheek humour, easy achievements, and ease of uncensoring the game remain as the highlights in this latest title.

To uncensor the game, it requires simply creating a blank text file with a certain name in the game's data folder. There are Steam community guides available to describe and walk players through this easy method.

BGM with soundtrack list on YouTube by Wasted Dealer

There is a hardcore mode for players who prefer a more challenging arcade bullet-hell shooter targeted to players who enjoy pictures of certain space waifus in select outfits. This challenge option is called Gentleman's Mode, where the stage will immediately be over if any part of the girl's clothing is torn or hole being created by the player's missiles. This challenging game mode is entirely optional and is not required for Steam achievements or additional further unlocks.

Having played through all titles of the DEEP SPACE WAIFU series, DEEP SPACE WAIFU: WORLD offers a new theme of different girls from different countries around the world. The game also has casual arcade shmup gameplay, nice background music, and artwork. At the same time, the game may also feel familiar and repetitive after playing through all titles of the series.

For those who prefer to play the game censored, all girls will have skin matching underwear to hide all adult NSFW content.

Still, whether you're new to the series or have played any of the earlier titles of the series, DEEP SPACE WAIFU: WORLD is still fun to play by destroying enemy spaceships, breaking parts of clothing, and collecting stars for a couple of hours without being overly difficult or too expensive. Hence, the game has more than 290 positive reviews, fan translations in additional languages, and I can recommend adding Neko Climax Studio's latest title to your Steam library.

Full gameplay video on YouTube by Drop Rate

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