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Snowed IN - Review

Snowed IN is a short romance visual novel by Rascal Devworks. It is an eroge containing thriller and adult yuri content (NSFW sprites and CGs) set in a futuristic world. The protagonist Sigma is a sergeant and instructor for The Division of Rochefort as a cyborg. Sigma has a mission to lead firearms specialist Linde Mendez into a recon mission. During their mission, Sigma starts to have feelings for Linde and begins to fantasize about being intimate with her. This begins their journey about love, snow, and cyborgs.

Snowed IN advertises itself as an adult yuri visual novel with a decent number of non-H and H CGs that do not require an uncensored patch. It also has nice artwork among the non-H CGs and Steam achievements in the game. Hopefully this game will qualify for trading cards and have normal profile features in future. The game also has equally nice stirring background music to match the exciting parts of the visual novel.

Sadly, this game suffers from a rushed storyline. The recon mission that could possibly make the visual novel interesting as a thriller was over too quickly before the reader could understand the situation. The romance and cute moments between Sigma and Linde could also have been brought out further as well in the route leading to the good ending.

In the first free expansion Double Trouble, it is a short story where Sigma pays a visit to Linde's apartment. In the second free expansion Cozy, Sigma goes on a date together with Linde. Both expansions occur after the events of the main game. A developer announcement did mention the game will expand further with a third and final expansion once a certain milestone is met. I do hope this game will have all expansions to this game and story.

Overall, this game has nice artwork, background music, and adult content that doesn't require downloading and installing any patches. At the same time, it has rushed pacing and a very short length where all 4 endings and both side-story expansions can be reached in around a couple of hours. With the additional CGs and storyline in both side-story updates, the game now meets my expectations for a couple of dollars or less. I'd still hope the game will expand further with the third and final side-story update, add attractive Steam trading cards, and qualify for normal profile features in the Steam version.

Initial gameplay video with author narration and commentary on YouTube by Far2close - Visual Novel Playthroughs

Nutaku game page (Contain NSFW content)

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