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Lingua Fleur: Lily - Review

Lingua Fleur: Lily is a kinetic slice of life visual novel with yuri themes by Narrator and STORIA. This novel features two female university students Yuyi Wu (吴羽仪)and Yile Lin (林以乐)who attend the same courses in university together. Yuyi is extremely introverted and hardly got along with anyone throughout in her life and has always disliked sports. Yile is an energetic and optimistic girl who excels in volleyball, yet she is poor in her studies and fashion sense. Through their personality differences and matching strengths and weaknesses, Yuyi and Yile decide to learn from each other and know each other better.

As a slice of life kinetic visual novel, it has an interesting storyline where it starts with the two main characters working out a deal to learn different things from each other. As the story develops and they get to know each other better, the characters will have different events occur in their lives where they will learn to appreciate each other better. The voice acting and background music by Oli Jan and Sorato help to highlight the various feelings both characters feel towards each other and on events in their lives. The game also has a variety of great and cute artwork in the sprites and CGs.

One minor complaint I have is that one scene in the visual novel is showing a basketball hoop instead of a volleyball court or net in a volleyball game. After reading the free short comic that is available online in a recent announcement, I would have also liked to see the game expand more on the relationship between Yuyi and Sis tutor. The first DLC Diary1 continues with Yile and Yuyi's lives together in their new apartment as a comedy drama, and there is a reference to Narrator's earlier work Koi Musubi.

After spending around 4 hours to read and listen to the storyline in the game and DLC, Lingua Fleur: Lily is a cute and enjoyable slice of life visual novel with yuri themes that does not contain any fanservice among two girls in a modern Chinese setting. It has a decent open-ended ending for the additional storyline content that are planned to be released in future. At the same time, the ending in the game which may feel unfinished, together with the game's lack of trading cards or normal profile features at the time of this review means it's also fine to wait until more content is released or when the game is discounted further.

Initial Chinese Traditional gameplay video on YouTube by 溫泉の頻道

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