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Community Artist Showcase - Marysquid

Artist: Marysquid

Artist intro: Thanks for checking out my fanart of Kingprotea <3

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When I sketch out a plan, I like to create a small box within my canvas and do a super rough sketch of the idea I may have at the time, then blow it up when I get a proper pose.

This is the more clean and molded version of the same rough sketch, now it's ready for some lineart!

As you can see, the sketch under the line art is a total different color than before. I do this so I can see what I'm drawing over to avoid mistakes. While doing the lines I like to do small tweaks to the hair and face. Also, I use a total different layer for the face that way I can change it if I don't like it, and color under as well.

This is the beginning of the shading. Some people like to shade as they go but I don't want to forget any small details and I am known to make such mistakes lol.

Woaaah, it's all shady and squishy now! I mean look at those hips, I'm proud of me. When shading I kinda lose myself into it to make it look soft and squishy as possible, and of course keeping her cute <3

Waaaii and we're done! After shading I convert the giant wife into a PNG file so I can draw around her and behind her without sacrificing more layer. It also keeps my Clip Studio from crashing when I do the background and lighting this way as I like to go all out whenever the opportunity is given.

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