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Contractors: Series made by Ireland.

Hello all! My name is Ireland and I'm glad to join the Sinical Network team.

Contractors is a series, I made that is inspired by the mobile game Girls' Frontline.

Let me start with how this series got started. Things started out as just a fun thing to do during downtime while I was in high school. I was making small comics about my main character Lucca Snow (girl with the scar above). However, the more I started to make of her, the more attached I became with my original character. Eventually my Contractors series became entire project instead of just for fun.

I plan to start a post series to showcase the girls that I've made in this collection and really look forward to any comments or feedback that you would like to give me along the way. Also be sure to check out my Pixiv and Deviantart page where I keep my full collection to date.

Thank you!


Check out my complete art collection:

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