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Pretty Girls Panic! - Review

Zoo Corporation has released another title to the Pretty Girls series with Pretty Girls Panic! , and a Chinese version of the game as 美少女夏日欢乐!under the name Sticky Rice Games as a simple arcade action game with ecchi fanservice this time. The game consists of 50 stages and 17 pretty girls altogether.

Gameplay involves drawing lines across the screen to reveal more than 75% of a picture without letting a sea creature touch your octopus avatar or the line being drawn. Completing each set of 3 to 5 stages will unlock additional stages, featured characters, and their outfits for gallery and achievements. The game also has an Easy mode which removes the timer for each stage, sea creatures move more slowly, power-ups appear more frequently, and the player has more lives to finish each stage.

As with earlier titles of Zoo Corporation's releases such as Pretty Girls Mahjong Solitaire and Delicious! Pretty Girls Mahjong Solitaire, this game offers hours of arcade gameplay that is suitable for both casual players and players who like a good challenge. It also has a variety of pleasant and exciting background pop music in every different pretty girl's stage as well as attractive anime girls from Norn/Miel/Cybele's nukiges in a large variety of outfits. The characters are: Maya Jinguuji, Shion Arisugawa, Saya Mikogami, Ren Akizuki, Akeno Kuchiki, Yuuko, Cecil, Reiu Li, Sakuya Yoshizawa, Reira Yoshizawa, Momoka Yoshizawa, Hibiki Yoshizawa, Aisias, Yuuko Inoue, Ami Kikuchi, Kaori Misaki and Ceras.

The decision to replace the achievement icons with letter and number icons instead of any of the anime girls featured in Pretty Girls Panic! may make this game slightly less appealing considering that many of Norn/Miel/Cybele's nukiges may contain too much adult NSFW content to be localized for audiences outside Japan. Still, some of the anime girls are still featured in the Steam profile backgrounds and emoticons which can be showcased on profile.

This took about an hour to unlock all outfits and achievements in this game in easy mode. With the pace that you can complete this game, I can only recommend buying when it is discounted to around a dollar. At its discounted price, Pretty Girls Panic! will provide a good challenge with its arcade gameplay while also having an easy mode for those who want to unlock all achievements and character sprites at gallery quickly. In addition to the nice background music in the game, the game also features attractive anime girls from Norn/Miel/Cybele's visual novels. They do not have adult NSFW content in this game, its Steam emoticons, or profile backgrounds which makes it suitable to showcase in profile.

Initial gameplay video on YouTube by hkkaneGAME12

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