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Destiny 2 - Review

This game is available for all consoles, and now that Forsaken has arrived, I think it's time I give this game credit where credit is due...even though it's WAAAYYY overdue, lol. Also, I'm gonna be delving into spoiler territory in a few instances, if you're not a fan of those, I don't blame you, just skip the story and go to gameplay for the rest of the review.

Story (Spoiler territory)

Years after the events of the first Destiny game, something starts to stir up near the last safe city. One of the vanguards, Commander Zavala, dismisses it as just a regular storm, but soon realizes that it's something sinister. The Guardian, your PC, arrives after getting a distress call from the tower, only to find it under siege by the Cabal, an alien race that conquers everything in its path, and blows up planets for getting in their way...yikes. This squadron is called the Red Legion, and it's led by Dominus Ghaul, and they utterly destroyed everything, and captured the Traveler. Suffering from the loss of their home, and their light, the Guardian follows a sigh, a falcon, which led them to a resistance group led by Suraya Hawthorne. With her help, they can reclaim the light, defeat Ghaul, and take back the city...or die trying. (Do note that this is the main story, not including the 2 DLC expansions.)


Before you play, you have to choose your main class, each with their own strengths, weaknesses, and subclasses. You got the Titan (tank), the Hunter (attacker), and the Warlock (support). Instead of the traditional weapon system, like in the first game (Primary, Special, Heavy), this one allows you to have two primary weapons in your Kinetic and Energy slots (Normal and elemental slots) and a very damaging weapon in your Power slot. Of course, with Forsaken, the Primary, Special, and Heavy system returns, but in the form of ammo. For example: you can have a Kinetic Auto Rifle and an Energy Hand Cannon, and they could both have Primary ammo, or a Kinetic Shotgun that holds Special ammo and an Energy Scout Rifle with Primary, or vice versa. So you could run either a Destiny 1 or Destiny 2 loadout...or as one of the devs once said, wield three Shotguns.

Iron Banner

Each subclass has different paths with four nodes that can help give you an edge in PvE and/or PvP, and they can give you a melee ability, a slight change in how your super ability works, and a few modifiers. Speaking of abilities, you have four: Grenade, Melee, Super, and Class ability, which is unique to your class. Oh, and you have three subclasses, one you start out with, and two you have to collect, and since it's a random drop, better pray to RNGesus. With Forsaken, there's also a third path, but, again, it's RNG based, because in order to even unlock them, you'll need Seeds of Light, which are dropped in the Blind Well inside the Dreaming City, or in the Last Wish raid...or so I've heard.

Okay, I've droned on long enough, let's get to the bigger things, and PvE is big. Not only you can do the main story, but you also can do patrols, adventures (which are side quests), or just go bat shit insane on the mobs, just to name a few. Each planet has a different enemy faction, some of which you should know already if you've played the first Destiny game, and one that's been added with Forsaken called the Scorn, which is basically undead Fallen. There's also Strikes, which are co-op missions where you and two others can take it on, and Nightfalls, which are harder versions of them. One activity requires six players to take on, and that's the Raid, but you need to recruit them yourself, same with Nightfalls, as they don't do Matchmaking.

If you're someone who likes to show your skills off against other players, there's the Crucible, a PvP mode where two teams of four duke it out in various game modes, but with Forsaken, it is back to the classic 6v6 from the first Destiny game. Control, Clash, Rumble, Supremacy, and their Mayhem counterparts make up the modes, with some new ones that come out for a limited time. There's also a competitive mode with their own game types if you're one of those types of players. On top of that, there's also a special events for them called the Iron Banner, which have it's own reward pools and gameplay mechanics. Finally, Gambit, a new mode added to the game with Forsaken, which is basically PvEvP. It's a game mode where you have to kill adds to collect motes and send Taken enemies to the other side, collect enough and you or your other teammates can evade the enemy team, and vice versa. You win by killing the primeval, and it's randomized, especially if you get the Taken meatball, which is needed if you want to collect an exotic weapon.

Of course, it has its fair share of setbacks. For one, the grinding can be tedious, especially when you're trying to get those Eververse engrams whenever you're at max level, get weapons and armor that increases your light level (your overall attack and defense attribute), find exotic armor and weapons (some of which you get early in the game.), and obtain faction tokens to get those weapons from the appropriate vendors. Well, Eververse used to be microtransaction only, but at least we can try to get some of them without shelling out a ton of cash. As for PvP, there's usually something called "the metagame." In short, expect everybody to have the new hotness in their loadouts.

Voice acting and music:

Music still retains some form of ambiance whenever you visit a different planet, and some pieces work VERY well in different situations, usually in either a cutscene, or in gameplay. Some of the voice actors return from the first game, including Nathan Fillion (Cayde-6), Fred Tatasciore (Xur), and Keith Ferguson (Lord Saladin), just to name a few, and they still provide that charm everyone enjoys. Though, the downside is that the PC doesn't have voice lines anymore, (kind of sucks, I'd like to have Matt Mercer return to voice our Human Male PCs again.)


This game is fun in it's own right, sure it has it's setbacks, like the grinding, the iffy story, and the lack of voice for our Guardians, but I still enjoy shooting aliens in the face and collection a lot of loot. Of course, it's not for everyone, like many other games, but it does has it's charm that can leave a decent impression. There will be more content down the line soon enough, so this one is basically what I think of the game so far.

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