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How to Take Off Your Mask - Review

This otome visual novel is the first title of the Story of Eroolia series. It features a female protagonist Lilia who helps out at her grandmother's bakery shop. One day, she discovers she has turned into a luccretia, a half-human and half-cat creature. Amidst a backdrop of general dislike of luccretias by the local human population, this visual novel focuses on Lilia switching between her human form and her luccretia form where she goes by Leea. The story follows her interactions with her childhood friend Ronan, her grandmother, a frequent visitor at her grandmother's bakery Juli, Ronan's friend and superior Mars, an unnamed ELM member, and a mysterious black cat over six chapters.

The game has plenty of save slots to allow different gameplay and dialogue choices to be made during the game. There is a small popup icon of Lilia/Leea that leads to slightly different storyline branches or a love icon to reach a secret unlockable scene in each chapter,. This also includes a chapter summary at the end of each chapter and the option to skip and fast-forward any part of the game.

Although this game was released back in 2015, its cute and funny comedic moments, charming style of artwork, and pleasant background music Ochiba, Haru no Yokan and Zantou from Music Atelier Amacha (甘茶の音楽工房) make this title one of roseVeRte's most unforgettable classics. Such that when I find myself playing the third title How to Sing To Open Your Heart almost three years later, I can still remember all of the characters in this visual novel, their personalities and mannerisms.

The price of this game may seem a bit high at full price especially when it has appeared in bundle offers at Fanatical. Yet the full voice acting that is featured in this game makes it interesting and comical such that it's worth buying for those who intend to listen to all of the voiced dialogue to enjoy the most out of this visual novel. The game also has cute attractive artwork in the cover artwork, Steam profile backgrounds, achievement icons, and emoticons to feature on profile.

As such, this game is recommended for players who are new to the Story of Eroolia series and are looking for an otome visual novel featuring romance and fantasy. The theme song DLC is also recommended for those who like a catchy upbeat J-pop song with vocals.

Opening theme on YouTube by roseVeRte

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