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Eroico Review

Eroico is a 2D side-scrolling platformer with optional adult NSFW content as a nukige and small amounts of cartoony humor by Kyrieru. It features an unnamed male protagonist going across three different levels consisting of a forest, an Egyptian temple and a Western castle. Along the way, he will encounter and fight his way past 15 different types of monster girls and 3 unique monster girl bosses. Despite the simple and comical cartoony graphics and gameplay, the game has nice pleasant and stirring background music during appropriate moments in the game, and nice amount of variety in the type of monster girls, environment and artwork. As a platformer, the game also has interesting gameplay where the hero is able to block with his shield and fire a limited number of magic bolts while the boss battles require some familiarity with their different modes of attack and attack patterns.

Title theme BGM on YouTube by Jamie

For players who prefer to play the game without adult NSFW content, it can be disabled upon starting a new game where monster girls won't sexually assault the protagonist or unlock any H CG. Among the cons, a few parts can be difficult to navigate past and may need to attempt many times which may frustrate very casual players, although cheat codes are available in published community guides and the game's discussion forums to address this difficulty. At the same time, the difficulty in the game can also be less desirable for those looking for hardcore platformers that are very difficult. Also, this game has cute cartoony art yet it doesn't have Steam trading cards or achievements which may reduce the appeal of this game. For those looking for a platformer or nukige by itself by doing away with one of it, the game can be a bit expensive at largest discount of 30% on Steam store as the game can be completed in less than 5 hours. Eroico is a platformer and adult game that doesn't require any patch in Steam with a few funny moments, artwork and nice background music. As such, I would recommend this game for those who like every aspect of it, or to wait until the game is at a larger discount for those who intend to forgo one part of it.

Full speedrun playthrough on YouTube by Wewto2

DLSite product page (Contain NSFW content)

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