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RE Slime Retrofitted As A Game

RE: Slime: a very unique isekai anime filled with fantasy, adventure, and evolution!? This anime features a main character that's a slime... yes, a slime! But not an ordinary slime that's a low tier monster with barely any fighting capabilities.

Rimuru Tempest is a slime that can consume anything upon first site such as plants, minerals, and even monsters. Consuming minerals and plants allows him to analyze their properties to learn their usefulness.

And consuming monsters allows him to take their abilities such as shooting webs like a spider, developing scaly armor reptiles have, and even releasing sonic waves like a bat. Not only can he copy abilities but he is able to transform into the monsters he consumes.

It's all thanks to his helper within his conscious called Sage where it guides him along his evolutionary adventure. Sage can help analyze whatever is consumed to learn more about anything Rimuru takes in.

Not only can he consume and evolve, but has a great deal of magic called magicules within him. This especially becomes useful to release magical abilities learned such as black lightning (from consuming Veldora Tempest) and naming monsters he befriends.

Naming monsters evolves them to a higher tier of species such as Male Goblins turning into Hobgoblins, Female Goblins turning into Goblinas, and Dire Wolves turning into Tempest Wolves.

Reincarnated As A Slime Opening

Tempest | That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime

Evolution | That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime

Man vs Slime | That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime


When watching RE Slime, what first came to mind was how similar the anime is to a game; being correlated as an RPG. And because of that, I began to conduct some ideas to share with you all on how the show can be retrofitted as a game that people may enjoy playing.

But first, let's take a look at how Sage works. It is set as a tutorial guide, hint provider, informative entity, and reliable companion.

It helps Rimiru adjust to his new form as a slime after getting killed in his previous life so that he can adjust to the world he was transported to. Sage acts as a helping guide very similar to how players start off a new game in RPGs (and of course other types of games).

Sage also provides analytical reports on anything consumed so that Rimiru knows how to make great use of certain items such as his healing concoctions. He was able to make them thanks to the plants that were inside of the cave he spawned at.

It informs Rimiru of any new skills learned from the monsters/enemies consumed. It also teaches him of skills that can be evolved as well as combinations of them that create higher tier abilities.

Granting names to monsters that don't have any allows them to change species, become stronger, and become loyal towards the one they were named by. And of course, Rimiru acts as a very fair leader towards the Hobgoblins, Tempest Wolves, and eventually the Kijin.

With the evolved monsters being loyal to Rimiru also comes the civilization that he has established. This can also act as not only an RPG but a sort of management type of game where he focuses on evolving the goblin's village from being very poor to becoming a haven for everyone he befriends.


I'm bringing this game up to inform you all that there has, indeed, already been a game made based off of RE Slime.

So far in the gaming industry, there is an app that was made based off of this anime called That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime: Lord of Tempest. It has yet to be released in the English version as it's currently only available in its original Japanese language.

However, this app isn't functioned like it is in the anime where you play as a slime and consume creatures to evolve. It is a card-based game where you get cards from drawings to see what characters you get to join a five person team. The cards are set to random where you can get either the non-evolved or evolved forms of certain characters.

The player does start off just like how the first episode plays out where the main character is seen and killed along with meeting Veldora Tempest. After meeting Veldora, you have to make your way through a few levels within the caves to get to the exit by facing monsters. And the combat is set as turned based with simple mechanics.

After completing the prologue, you immediately start out with the goblin village barely having anything and you have to build upon it (instead of how the anime went with meeting the goblins, protecting them from dire wolves, having both sides forming an alliance, and naming them).

This app is given a rating of a 3.6 on QooApp and has received fair comments on players sharing what they got from the card drawings. Overall, players seem content with it and are happy to play a game based off of this anime they love.

That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime: Lord of Tempest PV


Now, let's get back to how RE Slime can be retrofitted as an RPG with a side of a civilization-building element. Because the anime mimics almost exactly as how an actual game works, the layout can be similar for it to work as such.

Rimiru within the RPG can have plenty of skill trees for him to work on. Even though he consumes monsters to gain their abilities, it can be set to where consuming one monster will give him the novice rank for a particular skill gained.

This can create personal quests for the player to go out hunting and kill a certain amount of monsters at a time for Sage to further analyze the monsters' abilities. The more particular abilities' level increases, the harder it gets to level them up.

If certain number of levels are met, then the hunting quests get more challenging by requiring more than just one type of monsters to hunt down; that way new higher-tier skills get created to be unique from the previous skill.

Black Flame

As for the story line, it should be extended compared to how it's set in the anime. What I mean is for a sort of "filler" quests to add on to the main story. This is because the pace of progression with how the plot works as well as the evolution of Rimiru wouldn't match up well to the length of the game.

Otherwise would be too short to be considered a game as it doesn't have enough of an open world sense. The cave, goblin village, dwarf city, and marshland of the lizards have been interesting places for the anime to take place but there needs to be more.

How it can be set is where for each significant arc in the anime, filler quest lines as well as side missions can be taken to progress through the main quest line. This will provide greater opportunities to give time for the player to evolve Rimiru as well as help grow the goblin village.

Even after Rimiru recruits the dwarves from the dwarven city, the player can also take on quests to keep building upon the civilization he sets up. Such as taking in more goblins to join the village. Locations of their villages can be set up on a world map and for Rimiru meet up with them.

The side missions Rimiru gets can be taken from particular characters of interest such as from Rigurdo, the goblin chief. Say if there's a quarrel going around in the village, then the player can be their to help alleviate the conflict brewing.

Other side missions can be to do personal favors for the villagers. There can even be a "happy" meter to show the player's main menu to check the satisfaction of the villagers. And from random places on in the world as the player goes along his/her adventure can meet up with random characters and do special missions for them.

Not only should the player evolve Rimiru but also improve the monsters he befriends as well. The characters he names can evolve not only from the name they are granted but by themselves.

One such scene was from when Ragna evolved from a Tempest Wolf into a Tempest Star Wolf at the battle against the orcs where he got bigger, grew a second horn, and summoned powerful lightning called Death Storm that even changed the weather.

Ranga Evolved to Tempest Star Wolf

One particular feature this game can have is evolving Rimiru's companions. What can be done is training everyone that's evolved by sending them out on missions as well as building up on their skill trees. Their personal missions can be similar to how the player is to go out hunting to evolve Rimiru's abilities.

But instead of being able to consume their enemies, they'll have to train with what they have that correlates to their species. For Ranga and his wolf clan, they can work on their abilities to create wind with their tails. And eventually the wolves below Ranga will have to improve enough in order to match up with his evolution power-up.

Say in order to continue on with the main story line: the description for each story will layout specific requirements by how high of a level Rimiru and certain companions need to be. That's what would make the missions to evolve them be about as for every game out there, difficulty increases and one must always focus on leveling up (and in this instance, level up others).


And that's how RE Slime can be retrofitted as a game. This anime has so much of a gaming element that it can be very achievable to turn it into a game that players may enjoy playing.

While being able to evolve Rimiru, there also comes the great story line it would be able to provide if filled with more to the story in between arcs to extend the gameplay. Not only being set as an RPG but having the civilization-building element to it at the goblin village for it to be fun to evolve and add on.

Along with improving Rimiru, there's also the companions to focus on in order to evolve them and make them stronger to be better suited for fighting alongside the player.

So, connoisseurs of gaming, would this make you want to play? Care to take on the challenge and adventure that would await if all of this came into being?


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