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Sweet Fantasy Review

Cover artwork at Salamandra88's VK page

This second visual novel release as a fantasy visual novel on Steam by Salamandra88 and 7DOTS features a dryad Pumpkin who loves her mistress Amethyst. After returning back to Amethyst with mushrooms or flowers, Pumpkin will discover a recipe for a love potion. Pumpkin decides to gather 4 different ingredients for the potion hoping that by making such a potion and slipping it into Amethyst's food, it will make Amethyst fall in love with her.

Above: Cover artwork on Salamandra88's VK page

The plot is written in a light-hearted manner with funny characters and storyline containing adult yuri content (CGs can be uncensored by typing a certain code at a particular section of the game. Instructions can be found from published Steam community guides, reviews and discussion posts) and tragicomic endings. The English version of the game has errors in the text and dialogue although they are understandable.

The artwork is cute and brings out a lot of the humour in the storyline as well as the protagonist's airhead nature. The background music goes well with the light-hearted tone of this visual novel, although it can become rather repetitive as a number of scenes use the same background music.

Sweet Fantasy is fairly short as I was able to complete the novel and obtain all endings and unlocking all CGs/achievements in about an hour. It also has some minor translation errors in the English version and limited variety in the background music. Some players may also dislike having only tragicomic endings in this visual novel. At the same time, the storyline features a cute, funny and endearing protagonist who is an airhead with equally cute and funny artwork, and a cast of supporting characters in the form of talking animals to bring the humour out and make this visual novel special.

Also, I managed to get this game at a good discount and the game is also available at attractive bundle offers from time to time, hence I am recommending this game when it is at an attractive price. With the game having a funny storyline, cute and funny artwork, easy achievements and an attractive price during special offers, the game has more than 210 positive reviews at the time of this review, and a subsequent title of this series has been developed and released on Steam in September 2018.

Gameplay with author narration and commentary on YouTube by TheRPGMinx

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