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Dharker Studios Trying for Mature Content DLCs

Following Steam's latest announcement where they have added Content Preferences and also the go ahead for developers to submit mature sexual content to the Store page, Dharker Studios has submitted their first entry.

On 09/12 Dharker Studios submitted to include a free DLC download for their visual novel Negligee.

This should be the first test to see how Valve will really respond to developers when mature content is submitted since the change.

It is good to see that game developers are pushing to move forward with bringing their "original content" to the Steam store page. Be sure to comment below with your thoughts about all this!

Haven't been following this - Click Here to read our original post explaining the situation.

Negligee: A story of love and lingerie as you are thrust into the role as manager of the shop 'Negligee' alongside three beautiful women

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