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Steam Finally Added Store Content Preferences!

That's right, after over a year of battles with various game developers threatening to remove their games due to containing sexual content Steam has finally added a new filter system.

Haven't been following this - Click here to read our original post explaining the situation.

The default is set to not show any game that has sexual content so fans of this genre will need to head over to their store settings to enable the option.

First, head over to your name at the top right of Steam and select Store preferences.

Then select or deselect any content that you want to appear on your Steam Store page.

This should appease the advocacy groups who complained that Steam gave no control over what is visible on the Steam page. This was the one point that I actually agreed with the parental groups on - if I am shopping kids games with one of my younger family members, I don't want to see games that have sexual content pop up on the Steam store page as suggestions. So this is a welcome change and a step in the right direction to continue to be the #1 gaming platform where customer demand determines what content is offered to purchase, not a corporation and their individual views.

The option to view Sexual Content is disabled by default so getting the word out is pretty important for those who want to have control over what is shown to them as well as what is not.

Dharker Studios confirmed that Steam gave them the thumbs up that this new filter system means that they are approved to release uncensored games directly to the Steam page without the need for patches! Negligee: Love Stories will be their first game releasing in a few weeks taking advantage of this opportunity.

What are your thoughts about this? Has Steam finally taken the steps to do things right or do you think the next PR push from an advocacy group will simply reverse this decision?

Either way, I am personally excited and will be supporting the developers of the games I love.

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