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Treasures of a Blizzard Review

First of all, this visual novel is an adult eroge visual novel with multiple NSFW sprites and CGs. For those who don't mind adult visual novels, read on.

This fantasy visual novel with romance and fan service by Flaming Firefly features a male protagonist Kang, who was taken into custody by his childhood friend Lin as the Emperor's guardian due to Kang's association with his father who was suspected of aiding rebels acting against the Emperor. While en-route to deliver Kang back to the capital, a snow storm together with an attack by a pack of wolves force Kang and Lin to seek shelter at the first house they come across. The house in the middle of a wilderness happens to be solely occupied by a young woman Mei who seems strangely hospitable to Lin and Kang, while being rumoured to be a snow witch.

Lin's weakness to the cold outside along with a blockade enforced by a she-wolf Shan and her wolf minions force Kang and Lin to stay longer and help Shan and Mei to open a sealed mine and retrieve magical crystals which are guarded by a fearsome monster within. There are 3 romance options altogether with Lin, Mei or Shan.

Initial gameplay video with accompanying background music on YouTube by Ross Senpai

Reading through the storyline and dialogue, reaching 10 different endings and unlocking all CGs will take less than 10 hours. The game has a great soundtrack and artwork in game cover, emoticons and profile backgrounds. An adult patch is available at the artist's Patreon website for the Steam version. At the same time, the game also has errors in the text and dialogue. I managed to get this game on bundle offer at Indiegala last year and hence, I am giving it a recommended review. However, the keys for this game from the bundle can no longer be activated. It is advisable to activate the keys for this game within 60 days if the game appears in another bundle offer in future.

Treasures of a Blizzard has a good, but short fantasy story featuring fanservice/eroge content alongside a great soundtrack. However, due to the shortcomings, I can only recommend buying when the game is at larger discount or found inside a good bundle offer.

Nutaku game download page (Contain NSFW content)

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