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How Not To Summon A Demon Lord Review

How To Not Summon A Demon Lord started out as a light novel series by Yukiya Murasaki and illustrated by Takahiro Tsurusaki. A manga adaptation by Naoto Fukuda has been running since 2015, and is licensed by Seven Seas Entertainment. And then an anime adaptation was made this year by Ajia-do Animation Works.

The world takes place in a fantasy realm where it is just like the famous MMORPG game in the anime called Cross Reverie. Many different races exist in this world such as demi humans who are part cats, dogs, and even bears! But there are elves within the world as well.

Every bit of combat or magic one is capable of is determined by their level. The higher the level one is overall, the stronger that individual would be considered. Besides level, there are different forms of combat one can specialize in such as with a bow, sword, and even a summoning skill.

An enemy race that is a major threat to humanity are called the fallen. They are beast like/demon race that want nothing more than to revive the demon lord whom they idolize so much as well as destroying those around them.

The show starts off with Takuma Sakamoto in his bedroom playing Cross Reverie while appearing to be shut out from the rest of society. His character Diablo in the game is considered to be the Demon King by other players. Whenever someone within the game challenges him, the outcomes are all the same where Diablo ends up winning.

But at the strike of midnight, he was taken to another world exactly as Cross Reverie where he appears at a summoning tower where a Pantherian, Rem Galleu, and an elf, Shera Greenwood, kissed both cheeks of Takuma/Diablo to make him their servant. But because of Diablo's reflection magic, it ended up in reverse where Rem and Shera became his servants and collars formed around their necks.

Diablo gets summoned to Cross Reverie

And that's where his adventure with the two begins as he goes along with trying to help them find a way to remove their collars. Along the way, they take on quests from the guild hall for jobs

Opening of How Not To Summon A Demon Lord


Along with Takuma turning into Diablo upon being summoned, all of his levels and stats came along with him from the game. And because of that, he is considered the most powerful character in the world with the highest level. Not only that, but he can determine a person's level but analyzing one's own abilities since he is a top notch gamer of Cross Reverie and understands various skills, abilities, magic, as well as the lore and certain important characters.

With that, combat gets pretty interesting to watch as we get to see how he counters with any attack thrown at him as well. Enemies come charging in who are strong and very eager to fight, but Diablo has very interesting tricks up his sleeves to overpower them with intense spells that can cast great fear into whoever he faces.

Diablo faces elite forces of elves

Takuma in the real world is a total shut in that hardly socialized with anyone in his entire life. But within the game, he used a menacing style of dialogue to go along with his character Diablo. And so in order to communicate with people, he uses that same form of dialogue with those around him but does show a closeness to Rem and Shera.

This anime is filled with great humor as being someone who doesn't have social skills, he could only use menacing dialogue since that's the only way of talking to others he knows. Often we hear his thoughts on his constant struggles on what decisive choices to make to talk to others.

We also get some fanservice along the side as well such as when waking up in his bed with Rem and Shera next to him, his hands fell on their chest and well, as anime is, he couldn't resist.

Demon Lord Episode 2 beginning

While this may sound like an anime much much similar to Overlord, it has it's keen original components as well such as the humor and fanservice this anime brings as well as the thought processes of Diablo as we get to laugh at how he struggles to make choices for communicating with people and how he fights his adversaries.


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