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Nekopara Extra Review

Thanks to NekoWorks surpassing their kickstarter campaign for the Nekopara OVA made back in 2017, they made another visual novel of the series called Nekopara Extra as well as Nekopara Extra OVA that was released on Jul 27, 2018.

Nekopara Extra Wallpaper

Nekopara Extra OVA Wallpaper


The visual novel takes place back when Chocola and Vanilla were first settling in at the Minaduki residence. Upon their first month, they were quite shy around everyone and didn't show their unique personalities as we have seen from the other volumes. But later on, Kashou hangs out with them as well as the other catgirls to make them feel more welcomed and become comfortable with their new family.

It starts off to where we see everyone at the dining table getting ready for breakfast. From there we see Chocola and Vanilla being so shy that they had trouble keeping up with conversations with everyone there. While the other catgirls were being polite in welcoming them, Coconut seemed the most enthusiastic with a bright and cheery mood.

Scene at the dining table in the first chapter

And from there, we can really see how in a month, Chocola and Vanilla slowly get used to their new family and are able to become comfortable enough to bring in their unique personalities such as Chocola being the naiive one but almost always seems happy like a deredere and Vanilla with a quite personality but with the dandere persona in the second month.

CG taking place at the beach

Not only do we get to see Chocola and Vanilla grow and develop, but we get to see moments from the other catgirls as well. Such as with Maple and Cinnamon where we see them hanging out together since they are close friends.

CG with Maple and Cinnamon together looking through smart phone

The animations in this visual novel have really improved as the sprites seem much more lively when expressing emotion. They have also become much smoother as well. A great example would be when they start eating at the dining table and you see Azuki chowing down rapidly on her bowl of rice (side note: don't see actual food just sprite).

Coconut truly does stand out apart from the grown up version of her in the other visual novel series as she's much more expressive and happy in Nekopara Extra. Personally, I was kind of surprised to see her as this as I was so used to the Coconut I knew and love in the other series where she was always seen as having low self esteem.

Coconut sprite in Nekopara Extra

But, there is a bit of that self conscious we get to see when the catgirls were getting their measurements taken and she said she doesn't want to grow up big and tall as otherwise she'll think she's not cute anymore.

CG where measurements of the catgirls are taken


As for the OVA of Nekopara Extra, it is less than half an hour long; being very much shorter than NekoWorks' first OVA of Nekopara. They have cut out a majority from the visual novel in order to fit it into the short OVA.

But we do get to see the most important parts in the OVA where it starts off with the catgirls getting their measurements, the flashback of Chocola and Vanilla's first two days of their stay, and the Christmas Party taking place at the end.

Chocola And Vanilla getting their measurements taken

Chocola And Vanilla's first day

Christmas Party

With the most important parts included in the OVA for Nekopara Extra, we get to see the great humor this anime brings. Due to how the ending went, it feels as if this were a Christmas special since it is short and that's where the second half of the anime takes place.

It is recommended to play the visual novel first as everything left uncut is there as well as going at a fair pace to read along the dialogue and everything as you learn, cry, and laugh from going through the first two months of Chocola and Vanilla being Minaduki catgirls.


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