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Top 10 Steam Summer Sale Deals You Must Grab!

So The Steam Summer Sale Came Around And With It a bunch of memes in Reddit about peoples wallet disappearing, but the sale did not just bring us bad infinity war memes, it also brought many great deals that I would buy if I could run these amazing games!

#1. At the top of our list is Dark Souls 3 which is one of the most positively reviewed games on steam right now, it is a souls game from the amazing developers FromSoft who have created masterpieces like demon souls (a classic) and the latest game: BloodBorne!. Of course, Steam had to tease us with a 75% discount bring dark souls 3 from €60 to €15!. Anyone with a taste of horror and action should get their credit cards!

#2. Second on our list is Rocket League, the game for everyone with a life. It's a quick paced sports game with cars and is basically football with Race Cars!. It was a favorite for people who liked having short gaming sessions and was already cheap before the sale. Now Steam keeps on giving with a 50% discount bringing R.L to €10.

#3. Next Is Ark: Survival Evolved which has stunned me with its graphics and mechanics that make it so popular!. Ark is a game about surviving on an island with prehistoric animals. The game has mechanics like taming, building and farming which should spark your inner dino-lover! it has been dropped to €19.79 with a 66% discount.

#4. Now I have chosen Squad for this spot on my list due to its very positive reviews and its tactical gameplay that always keeps you ready and wary! the squad is a 50v50 which is still in early access and has been brought down to €22 for the summer! Pick it up and enjoy it with friends for the best experience!

#5. Next on my list is a battle royale game. It is very realistic and poorly optimized, and yes it is Player Unknown BattleGrounds. PUBG Has always been a fan favourite for me due to my love it weapons (I'm not weird I swear), but the reason its so low on this list is due to its bad optimization and anti-cheats that acts like a paper bike lock. It has its ups as well like the maps and weapon variants and if you wish to pick it up for €20 then you shall!

#6. Last On Our List Is Cuphead! Cuphead is a run and gun game with a 1930's design style, you can play single player or co-op with a friend and help pay back your debt to the devil. The game is focused around boss battles heavily, and has a playful style to it which relaxes me and it feels great to beat the bosses. It also does not need a lot of requirements to run it! (thank god) and for only €16 you can grab it during the sale!

#7. On The Updated List We Have Gang Beasts. Gang Beasts is a co-op game for up to 4 people where you battle it out with your fists and whacky physics and ragdoll mechanics!, The Lord Gaben brought down the price with a 37% discount and it is now available for €12.59.

#8. A great game is next on our list: Life Is Strange, a Story focused game with similarities to The Walking Dead (TellTTale). The game has a deep story and many secrets and plot twists on the way which makes it so interesting. The game is priced at €4.99 for the main game (all episodes), and €12.40 for the dlc deluxe edition!

#9. The Next Game Is Watch Dogs 1&2 which is a personal favourite for me due to the hacking mechanics and parkour which really grabs my interest. In both games you play as a person trying to make a difference with you as the player experiencing their struggles. The game has been priced at €20 for WD2 and €10 for WD1.

#10. Last but not least is Doom, the run and gun game that has been popular for many years came with a reboot and came with it blood, guts and guns for everyone!, the game has had a 50% discount, bringing it to €15.

Which games are you buying during the Steam Summer Sale?

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