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Citrus Review

Citrus promotion picture by citrus Production Committee (citrus製作委員会) from multiple sources including comics news at Natalie, Saburouta's Twitter page, Citrus Wikia page and MyAnimeList page. (1 September 2017)

Citrus promotion picture at Saburouta's Twitter page on 6 January 2018

Video review of Citrus by GrayLowe

This anime series by Passione that is based on the yuri manga series by Saburouta features two schoolgirls Yuzu Aihara and Mei Aihara as a romantic comedy with yuri fan service. Yuzu was recently transferred to a new all-girls school Aihara Academy after her mother Ume Aihara remarried and moved to a different neighbourhood. At the school, Yuzu gets into trouble with the school's strict discipline rules due to her modern dress sense which conflicts with the school's conservative attire rules. Yuzu will get to know the school's head prefect Mei who will later move in to share the same room with Yuzu as her stepsister, Mei's assistant Himeko Momokino and a classmate Harumi Taniguchi (Harumin).

Promo video with English subtitles on YouTube by BUSHIDO SAMURAI

Second promo video on YouTube by Anime MV Art

Yuzu will chance upon Mei being kissed by her betrothed Amamiya and Yuzu herself will also get kissed by Mei when she confronts Mei about it. Yuzu starts to wonder whether she should get closer to her stepsister, having given her first time to Mei and also often getting into a fluster or having difficulty sleeping whenever she thinks of Mei.

Yuzu and Mei first kiss scene on YouTube by Anime Moments

This anime series highlights the largely contrasting character personalities between two unlikely schoolgirls who are both stepsisters. Yuzu is energetic and outgoing with a modern dress sense, while Mei is quiet and reserved with decorum. Their relationship is often strained with numerous obstacles, challenges and misunderstandings as both sides struggle to figure out what they really want with each other with multiple love rivals, friends and family members supporting or introducing additional obstacles in various degrees to their relationship.

The series also highlights the changes each side would be willing to do for the other as their relationship develops to make this anime series stand out. Initially, Yuzu has difficulty concentrating in her studies. She will put more effort in her studies to be accepted by Mei after Mei started tutoring her while Mei who would normally bury herself with work at the school decided to go out with Yuzu after seeing Yuzu being kissed by her childhood friend Matsuri Mizusawa.

Yuzu being kissed by Matsuri on YouTube by YURI KING

As a romantic comedy with multiple yuri kissing and caressing scenes (some of which are non-consensual), the kissing scenes which are forced initially will gradually change with different facial expressions as deeper feelings of attraction to each other develop gradually across in later episodes. There are also multiple instances of humour with plenty of faces blushing, supporting characters teasing someone or expressing feelings of jealousy due to being possessive for one person and Yuzu's wild and crazy antics which are helped by her fierce determination and kind nature. These traits will be revealed as she comes to realize she will do everything she can to help, support and care for Mei as an older sister and as a romantic partner.

Various funny moments on YouTube by Anime MV Art

My favourite scenes are when Yuzu travels across town rapidly with Mei on a bicycle to enable Mei to see her father Shou Aihara before his imminent departure and when Yuzu runs towards a shrine to look for Mei. The chorus of the opening theme song Azalea which is sung by nano.RIPE while featuring small parts of the highlighted scenes in the opening theme help to bring out a few of the more stirring scenes and make this romantic comedy stand out.

Overall, this anime series is recommended for those who are looking to try out a romantic comedy with yuri fan service, humour and explores the complexities and character developments within a yuri relationship among two stepsisters who share the same rooms together in an apartment unit with multiple supporting characters and love rivals in a modern Japanese setting.

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