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Tropical Liquor Review

This romance visual novel with dating sim, memory puzzle minigames and fan service by Tentacle Games and Sekai Project features a custom name male protagonist who has recently won a holiday for 2 people for 30 days at Tropical Island as a prize in a shopping lottery. The protagonist decides to bring his childhood friend Naomi to enjoy the holiday with him.

On the island, the protagonist and Naomi will meet and get to know their tour guide Anna, the hotel owner Lisa and 5 other girls who are enjoying their vacation at the island, Ema, Kei, Sakurako, Karen and Erika. Naomi encourages the protagonist to try to get to know a girl including Naomi herself better, drink with each girl, work hard to choose and buy appropriate gifts to win their heart and eventually confess his love for one of them at the end of the vacation.

After spending around 7 hours to read and listen through each girl's route and reach all endings (8 romance options altogether with Naomi, Anna, Lisa, Ema, Kei, Sakurako, Karen, Erika altogether), I decided to give this game a score of 8/10 based on the following factors:

Plot and character backgrounds

This aspect is the weakest part of this visual novel, being a game full of fan service, adult humour and eroge content. Although the game has multiple conversation options with each girl, none of them actually matter whether the player will win the heart of the girl. Instead, the deciding factors in whether the player will get to confess to the girl and have a good ending is determined by giving the appropriate gifts to the girl she would like, winning the arcade memory puzzle (drinking) minigames at the hardest difficulty and exhausting all dialogue options at each meeting with them to complete a full profile of the girl.

Although the character backgrounds are sufficiently diverse where each girl has a different motivation for being at the island, a hidden ambition or worry they would reveal when they know the protagonist better, is also not expanded in more detail. Hence, I have to give this game a lower score as a result.

Gameplay videos with author commentary on YouTube by Graylowe

Artwork and CGs

This aspect is the main highlight of this visual novel. From the game description on Steam store page and from other user reviews, the artwork by Sayori who has worked on the NEKOPARA series feature many beautiful and attractive anime female characters in the game cover, character sprites, CGs, Steam achievements, trading cards and profile backgrounds. As an anime game with fan service and adult content, the swimwear designs for all the female characters in character sprites and CGs are diverse and make this visual novel special and appealing in this regard.

Voice acting and background music

The voice acting in this visual novel is generally good by conveying the tone and mood of each female character well and also add additional humour in this game. Background music is also generally pleasant and appropriate to match the different moments in the game or the personality of the character during the drinking minigame. Hope this game will have a soundtrack DLC released in future.

Background music videos on YouTube by devilgeometry

For those who like a game with beautiful and attractive artwork, large amounts of fan service (a free adult patch is available for download at Tentacle Games website), pleasant background music, good voice acting, casual memory puzzle minigames and achievements that are more or less reasonable, this game is recommended when at larger discount or good bundle offer as it takes less than 10 hours to read and listen through all text and dialogue, finish all arcade minigames, unlock all character sprites and CGs even with game uncensored (the price after 10% discount at Steam store along with the current price of each Steam trading card for this game at the time of this review is a bit high).

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