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Juniper's Knot Review

This free to play kinetic visual novel by Dischan Media features a small boy who got lost in the Moors after losing his horse and accidentally stumbles across a female fiend(demon with horns and pointy ears) imprisoned for centuries within a magic circle inside a burnt out ruined building. With no way for the fiend to leave the magic circle, the fiend made an offer for the boy to stay with her for the day and to exchange stories with each other in return for roasting the boy's collected chestnuts. Feeling fascinated rather than afraid of the fiend, the boy decided to stay with the fiend and as the day draws to a close, the boy gradually develops a friendship with the fiend.

After spending an hour to read through and listen to the accompanying background music in this visual novel, I decided to give the game a score of 8/10 based on the following factors:

Plot and character backgrounds: The plot is written as a fantasy dramedy and has a nice happy ending. As a short kinetic visual novel, there are a few plot holes that are not explained in the visual novel such as how or why the fiend ended up being imprisoned inside the magic circle and what happened to the former inhabitants of the ruined building. The names for both the boy and the fiend in this visual novel are also not mentioned.

Among the positive aspects, the storyline pace in which the boy and the fiend develop their friendship with each other leading to the happy ending are appropriate with adequate coverage on the backgrounds of both characters together with multiple different emotional moments in the story ranging from curiosity, annoyance, anger, despair, hope and joy.

Artwork, backgrounds and CGs: The character sprites, backgrounds and CGs are nice. The DLC also has an equally nice and attractive Thank You CG artwork featuring the fiend for supporting the developer.

Background music: The game has nice BGM which match the various different moments in the game that is also included as free MP3 and FLAC files with the game. My favourite BGM are Politely Honest when the boy is seeing the fiend for the first time, Bleeding in the promo video and middle part of the visual novel and Stella during the happy ending moment in the game.

Recommended for those who like a short fantasy visual novel with a nice happy ending as a free to play game with optional DLC in the Steam version or a free to play game that can be downloaded from Dischan Media website.

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