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A Rose and a Kiss

A lover was sent under the night's blackened cover,

Silence, he was told and to make every footstep hover.

Shadows he walked through or where the lights shined dimmer,

Beams of light touched the lover's hand revealing a fiery glimmer.

He paused, still not noticed through the night's drowsy state,

Now he had reached his destination where he was told to wait.

He was told to remain until midnight touches the forbidden hour,

Light from the moon unveiled the holdings of a small red flower.

The clock's golden hands clanged together at the awaited time,

Clang, clang, clang, rang out the town clock's distinct chime.

Near the park bench, the mystic shadows began to dance,

As the lover's thoughts and emotions were engulfed in a trance.

Time has passed when the two lovers were supposed to meet,

Where was her beautiful hair that should be flowing onto this bench's seat?

The lover was frightened with his mind reminiscing of past bliss,

Then he set down his rose and noticed a letter, sealed with a kiss.

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