In the latest episode of our Smash Brothers Podcast we discuss the Nintendo Mini-Direct, ARMS coming to Smash, Ninjala, and MORE!  Check it all out right here:

Do you want to listen to our episodes on the go?  We're now on Spotify!  Our first Five Episodes of Smash Talk...

Just how many ways can you defeat Goombas?  Hundreds!  So we made it easy on you by finding the top 5 ways to defeat those weird little things!  Check 'em out here:

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Last week, we took you through the adventure of PAX East and it's various panels and presentations.  This week, we're taking you through the games we got to play! 

Check 'em all out right here:

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That's right, we went to PAX East again this year and it was a [explative]-ing blast!  It was just awesome.  Check out this supercut of our whole adventure right here!

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