Grobda Remix

Grobda Remix is an AVG game with themes of youth, inspiration and love. It features exquisite pictures, an engrossing love story and beautiful music.

Highlights include incredible performances by a cast of voice actors and actresses from Aoni Production Co. Ltd., and theme songs superbly composed by Lantis, a Japanese record company famous for theme song production in anime series.

Synopsis: Yuran - a small town with a rich and long history in music. One day, a visitor broke the tranquility in this place. "I think those who really understand music are good people." Faced with a dream invitation, a young person holds on tightly to an outstretched hand. And now... a melody that combines dreams, love and youthfulness, begins with its most beautiful notes in a concert.

Chinese to English

Project Lead: woosk

Contributors: Rie, André Iori Yagami, Helena Souza, Matth, SinicalGeek, TheSpecter95, Tiago Rocha, Daniel

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Groba Remix
Groba Remix
Groba Remix
Groba Remix